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We buy vintage comic books and more.  We will treat you fairly and with respect!  Please contact us to sell your older valuable comicbooks.  See below for an overview of what we are looking for and how to contact us to sell your collectable comics.
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These are just some examples of the types of pre-1973 comics that we buy!

We Buy Older Comic Collections!

If you are looking to sell your older comicbook collection or other pop culture collectible, you have come to the right place.

My name is Byron Jones and I am an active collector/dealer of pre-1973 Comic Books and other valuable pop-culture items including:

Comic Books (pre-1973)
Comic Book related items (pre-1990)
Action Figures (pre-1990)
Original comicbook art
Original cartoon/strip art
Movie related items

I am not a full time dealer. I do not make my income from selling collectibles and this allows me to treat you more fairly than most other "dealers". Most dealers need to pay you the least so that they can make the most from reselling your items. This is not the case with me. I would rather pay you a fair price and make both of us happy when the deal is done!

Please see "About Us" to learn more about TvComics and how I will treat you and your collection.

Vintage Comics Wanted!

Honesty, respect and a fair price is all I offer.

* I am not the biggest, or the most moneyed, or the most arrogant.

*  I am, however, truly interested in all types of older comics and I can and will pay you a fair price.  Many references available!

* After we make a deal, you will gladly refer me to your friends.

*  I am a collector since 1978, a part-time show dealer since 1992 and an eBay PowerSeller since 1998

If you have older comics from 1973 or older, please Contact Byron Jones at:


Call (917) 829-6829

How much do you pay and how do I list my comics?

In order for us to determine a fair price for your comic collection, I will need to know the following:

Title (example: "Captain America")
Issue number (example: "24")
Year (example: "1944")
Condition (example: "Very Good")

The above example would read as follows:

Captain America #24 from 1944 in Very Good

Important note: When looking to place a value on your older comic collection, the condition of the comic is very important.

For example: A certain comic can be worth $10 in "Good" and as much as $150 in "Near Mint". Because the value varies so much based on condition, I have outlined general guide as to how to determine the grade of a comic book - please see my Grading Guide

Please browse my site to learn more about my interests. I look forward to working with you and to treating you fairly and with respect.

When purchasing your older (before 1973) comic collection, there are many options that I offer such as:

* I will buy your collection in full with full payment upfront

* I will sell your collection for you for a fee which will range from 5% to 20% (fee will vary based on the value of the collection and the work involved in getting top dollar for you)

* Other options are available

Regular mail:

Byron Jones
Park West Finance Station
PO Box 20523
New York, NY 10025

Regular E-mail:

Call me:

(917) 829-6829

Ready to sell your vintage comicbooks published before 1973 - Great!

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